How can you get pure drinking water? Distilling it!!


Enjoy Great-tasting, Bacteria-free Water!! 

Distilling at home with a countertop or shelf-top unit which distills one cup of water at a time using the Springtime™ Automatic Water Distiller


How can you get pure drinking water? Distill it!!



If you want pure water, it is generally understood that you must treat the available water. Although tap water, well water and bottled spring water

are usually safe, there are natural fluctuations in the degree of purity these water sources provide. To get truly pure water people expect to filter, use reverse osmosis or distill their tap water.


In nature, water sometimes becomes pure by going through layers of coarse sand and then finer sand. So, yes, nature uses filtration.

However, on a daily basis, nature uses the water cycle to renew and refresh its water supply. Water is constantly being evaporated by the heat of the sun, leaving organic and inorganic material behind. The evaporated water is known as water vapour. This water vapour circulates through the air as moisture in the air or humidity.

As the water vapour goes higher and higher in the atmosphere, it cools down. Then it begins to condense on particles of dust, which collect together to form clouds.

When the clouds get full, the water falls as rain or snow, depending on the air temperature at the time. This is nature’s way of distilling water to constantly provide a fresh supply.

A water distiller will speed up nature’s processes of heating, and then cooling the water, in order to leave unwanted materials behind. The result is an exquisitely pure form of water.


Why should people distill their water with a Springtime™ Automatic Water Distiller?

1) Great-tasting Water

Water distilled by a Springtime™ Automatic Water Distiller brings back the memory of summer days at the cottage where the natural, untreated clean water tasted so pure.

Unlike some types of distilled water, there is NO chlorine taste. This is because the Springtime™ Automatic Water Distiller is specifically-designed to eliminate gases

that reach their boiling point at a lower temperature than water does. Chlorine is one of these “low-volatile” substances, and, if not removed, it would condense along with the pure steam. Hence, you would have distilled water with a chlorine taste. This does not happen with our distiller.

2) Bacteria-free Water

The Springtime™ Automatic Water Distiller is certified for use in disaster-relief areas because it effectively reduces such a wide range of harmful pollutants and organic disease-factors.

The Springtime™ Automatic Water Distiller does NOT require water to pass through a carbon filter after it has been distilled. This is good because carbon filters can ADD bacteria to the water flowing through them – instead of removing the germs – if the carbon filters are not changed regularly enough.


How can you get pure drinking water? Distill it with a Springtime™!!